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Program Information

1. Will DISP provide scholarships for online degree programs?

Yes, DISP will provide scholarships for both online and on campus degree programs. 

2. Which degrees will DISP provide scholarships for?

DISP will provide scholarships for bachelor’s, master’s, PhD, diploma, and certificate programs.

3. Can I apply for a bachelor’s degree without my high school or GED diploma? 

No. If you do not have any high school transcripts or a GED diploma, you are not eligible for a bachelor’s degree program. However, you may be eligible for certificate or diploma programs. If you have ethnic education high school transcripts, you can apply for online bachelor’s programs.

4. Can a married person apply for the program? 


5. Is there an age limitation for DISP scholarship applications? 

If you are applying for a bachelor program, you should be aged 40 or under. For other programs, applicants aged 40 or younger are preferred, but applicants over 40 will be considered.

6. Can I remain abroad after my scholarship ends?

No, you have to return to your home country after the completion of your academic program. The objective of the program is to support promising young Myanmar leaders from diverse backgrounds and to support them in applying their leadership skills to benefit their community and Myanmar. 

7. Which countries can I study in? 

Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand. 

8. How do I create my online scholarship application? 

If you are applying for this scholarship for the first time (first-time user), you must create an account on the application management site to start a new application. 

9. Can I apply for part-time courses? 

Yes, DISP will provide scholarships for part-time online programs. 

10. Can I apply for the DISP scholarship to study for a bachelor’s, master’s, PhD, or DPhil?

Yes. The programs available will be announced on our website. 

11. Should my work experience be related to the course I want to study? 

You must show that you have foundational knowledge (educational background and/or work experience) in the subject area that you are interested in studying and must prove your capability and motivation. 

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