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Post-selection Process

1. Do I have to return to my home country after studying abroad? 

Yes, you have to return after the completion of your academic program. The goal of DISP is to strengthen the capacity of current and future community leaders of Burma to assist in achieving inclusive social and economic reform that supports the realization of a peaceful and prosperous democratic society upon their return.

2. Are there any costs that DISP does not cover?  

Participants’ meals outside of the session (while traveling, before or after the session, etc.) and any personal travel before, during, or after the program are not covered.

3. Can I work part-time while attending university abroad?

It is better if you focus fully on your studies. However, if your visa allows, you may work within those limitations.

4. What is the minimum GPA the scholar must maintain to retain the DISP scholarship award? 

You are expected to maintain the minimum GPA required by your program. If your GPA falls the minimum requirements, you will be on academic probation. DISP has support systems in place to help scholars who are struggling academically.

5. What is pre-academic training?

DISP will provide all scholars with up to eight weeks of virtual pre-academic training to prepare you to succeed in your program. All instructors will be trained in inclusive teaching methodologies. The pre-academic subjects will vary depending on your program and your diagnostic test results.

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