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Accessibility Tools

Use Text-to-Speech feature
  1. Highlight Text: On the webpage, select any text you want the text-to-speech feature to read. Simply click and drag to highlight the desired text.
  2. Initiate Text-to-Speech: Click on the text-to-speech button (See image below), and the selected text should be read aloud to you.
Locate the Accessibility Tool

Look for a small icon or button on the right side of the screen that ressemble a person. See image below:

Adjust Text Size
  1. Click on the Accessibility Tool: Once you’ve located the tool, click on it to open the accessibility options.
  2. Adjust Text Size: Inside the accessibility menu, you should find an option to increase or decrease the text size. Use the corresponding buttons or sliders to set the text size to your preference.
Change Background Color
  1. Within the Accessibility Tool: Stay in the accessibility menu and look for options related to background color.
  2. Select a Background Color: Choose from the available background color options:
    • Grayscale
    • High Contrast
    • Negative Contrast
    • Light Background

Congratulations! You’ve successfully utilized the accessibility features on the website to customize text size, change the background color, and use the text-to-speech feature. These tools enhance the overall accessibility of the website, providing a more inclusive and user-friendly experience.

Click to listen highlighted text!