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Grant Opportunities


Under DISP, $8.3 million has been allocated for grants under contract (GUCs), with $5 million earmarked for basic education and $3 million earmarked for higher education. The remaining $300,000 will later be used to for DISP and USAID Lincoln Scholarship Program alumni network activities to increase the number of USAID beneficiaries applying newly acquired leadership skills in their communities for the development of a pluralistic and democratic Myanmar in the future.  

The primarily pool of funding for GUCs ($8 million) seeks to support activities related to human and institutional capacity development that would expand access to higher education for Myanmar citizens with a focus on leveraging basic and higher education activities that would enable expanded access to higher education opportunities for all Myanmar citizens.   

On January 15, 2023, DISP began seeking proposals for GUCs under an Annual Program Statement (APS). Full parameters of the APS (e.g., eligibility, timeline) are provided on this website alongside a link to apply via a secure application platform.  

For general grant inquiries, please contact us at

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