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Grant Opportunities


1. Our organization is a small, international organization registered as a charity in Europe but is unregistered in Myanmar. Is it possible for a small international organization to partner with a local organization and still qualify for funding?

Yes, you can apply for DISP funding. DISP prefers applications with such partnership arrangements.

2. Can we apply for a grant for non-formal education and training?

Yes, you can apply for non-formal education and training as long as it furthers basic education and/or higher education initiatives. 

3. Can religious groups (faith-based organizations) participate in the project? Can we conduct some activities in religious buildings?

Yes, DISP can fund faith-based organizations as long as they do not exclude beneficiaries based on faith, or any other protected characteristics (such as sex, gender, or sexual orientation). Activities that support the project objectives can be conducted in religious buildings.

4. Are there any plans to provide funding to Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) working in IDP and refugee camps?

Yes, proposals which aim to serve populations in IDP and/or refugee camps can be submitted to DISP. Projects must be related to basic and/or higher education. 

5. We are a newly established organization. Can the USAID DISP grants program support an organization like us?

Yes, new organizations may apply and DISP encourages newly established organizations to apply if their work furthers basic education and/or higher education initiatives. 

Due to reporting requirements and the fact that past performance is weighted in applications, DISP strongly encourages a partnership consortium to apply for a grant.

6. Can one organization apply for two or more proposals for this opportunity?

An organization can only submit one proposal per solicitation cycle.

7. Can an organization manage two grants at the same time?

An organization can manage another grant at the same time as it manages a DISP grant. However, please note that there should be no direct labor allocation overlap between the two grants. 

8. Can we reapply after the first round if our proposal is rejected?

Yes. However, DISP encourages applicants to revise their proposal and to not to use same proposal that has been rejected.

9. What is Unique Entity Identifier (UEI)?

A UEI number is required for the lead organization applying for the grant. Lower-tier supporting partners on the grant are not required to have a UEI. 

You can apply for a free UEI number at

10. If we don’t have a UEI number, are we still eligible for this opportunity

We encourage partnership arrangements for this opportunity. However, at a minimum, the lead partner organization applying on behalf of the partnership must have a UEI number and be registered on the System for Award Management ( DISP will consider waiving the UEI requirement on a case-by-case basis using a risk-based approach that registration is impracticable.

11. We can submit proposals with English language only?

At this time, we are only accepting proposals submitted in English. Supporting documentation may be provided in another language provided that translated copies are also provided.

12. How can we apply the grant?

DISP will post an Annual Program Statement (APS) on its website,, which links to a secure application system. The announcement for the APS will also be posted on additional platforms such as

13. I am an LSP alumni, can I apply the grant?

LSP and DISP alumni will have access to a separate alumni grant fund under DISP. This fund will not be available until October 2024 and further instructions regarding the alumni fund will be available closer to that time. 

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