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Grant Opportunities


1. Do you plan to give feedback for rejected applications?

Applications will be scored according to the criteria in the APS. We may not be able to provide feedback to each applicant but if requested, we may provide general feedback. Please note that USAID has the final authority to decide to select grantees. Decisions will not change due to applicants’ dissent.

2. Will grantees receive technical assistance from DISP?

DISP will provide capacity building to partners. Capacity building will focus on technical areas but may also include organizational development support.

3. Can we request technical support from DISP if we are not a grantee?

At this time, we cannot provide targeted capacity strengthening support to organizations who are not DISP grantees.

4. How will DISP maintain the confidentiality of reports submitted?

All documents and items submitted to DISP will be kept in a digitally secure environment.

DISP will use information from grantee reports, as well as site visits, for its reporting to USAID. We may post information on activities to the program website unless it includes sensitive information. We will also change names, locations, and backgrounds, and faces will be blurred as needed.

5. Can I ask for an appointment regarding the APS before I submit a proposal?

No. If you have technical questions related to the APS, please send an email to and a relevant staff member will respond to your query.

6. When is the application deadline?

The Grant Evaluation Committee will convene every two months. Application will be considered on a rolling basis. Specific deadlines for each round can see in the APS.

7. How long will it take until I get a decision on my application?

Timing will vary, but it will be roughly 10 weeks after the deadline set in APS.

8. Can I know who received grants?

For security reasons, we are not currently planning on publicly posting grant recipients unless we receive express consent to do so from grantees.

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